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Tasha Paskero

Tasha was born and raised in Collinsville, Il. That’s where she currently lives with her son Vincent who is 4. She graduated high school in 2001 after giving birth to her oldest daughter, who is now 22, when she was 16. Tasha has two other daughters who are 15 and 12 and has also placed a child for adoption.
Her first abortion took place at age 14. Tasha was told by the adults in her life that it was the best and right thing for her to do. Listening to what other people said was right, or best for her became a pattern of life for her. Unhealthy relationships and substance abuse eventually led to her incarceration. That is where she was introduced to Jesus, for the first time, at the age of 33. And Jesus rescued her from a cycle of unhealthy choices.
Date & Location

Friday, January 14, 2022

Old Bakery Beer Company
400 Landmarks Blvd.
Alton, IL 62002



Please RSVP no less than 5 days prior to event.

Joan Kane 618-781-5107
Shannon Vitali 618-600-3111


Networking and Lunch
Meatless options will be available

Tasha Paskero

Hope Clinic in Granite City

It was during her long road to recovery that the Holy Spirit inspired her to drive to Hope Clinic and there she met Rose. She instantly felt the presence of our Lord. Tasha started coming to the sidewalk on a regular basis with her young son. Then she met Jerry and again felt connected and instantly loved. Jerry provided her information on Sidewalk Advocates for Life.

In May 2021, Tasha officially became a sidewalk advocate ministering to the women like she once was. She feels connected to these women and their situations. She wants so badly to love them and keep them away from danger. It’s taken some time but Tasha realizes the Lord is using her, and others in her life, in His time and in His way. She’s learned to trust Him in everything, even when she doesn’t see or understand it.

Currently Tasha is a full time student between Southwestern Illinois college and Summit Bible college where she will earn a Master’s in Christian Counseling and Bachelor’s in Youth Counseling. She is active in her church and sidewalk counsels at Hope Clinic in Granite City. Tasha says, “Everyday our Lord is working on me and it’s only by His grace that I am not living in darkness like I once was.”



Questions or concerns please contact:
Joan Kane 618-781-5107
Shannon Vitali 618-600-3111

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