Date & Location

Tuesday, February 1st, 2021

Belleair Country Club
1 Country Club Ln
Belleair FL, 33756



Please RSVP within 5 days of the event. If you cannot make the luncheon, but RSVP’d you would be there, please find someone to replace you and let us know.


Networking and Lunch

What if Roe V. Wade is overturned?

Open to All Pro-Life Leaders and Pregnancy Center Directors

This month we’ll be discussing what will happen after Roe v. Wade is overturned. We’re holding a discussion among pro-life pregnancy center directors and those in the trenches of the pro-life movement.

Luncheons4Life is a grass roots luncheon designed to bring together like-minded life affirming people to network with agencies, churches and life affirming organizations, and concerned individuals to end the demand for abortion in Southwest FL. It began 7 years ago in Sarasota County area and has born many fruits.

There is no cost for the luncheon and no asks for donations and it is not a platform for political agendas. The best part of the program is when we pass the microphone to any one of the Spirit inspired audience.


Contact for Questions

Jeannine Byrnes

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