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From their website: “We are so excited to work with you and your ministry and parishes to create a culture of LIFE in OKC! Whether you find yourself in a crisis pregnancy, are struggling with infertililty, looking for a good Catholic doctor, seeking care for a lonely elderly person, post-abortive, or grieving the loss of a baby in miscarriage or infancy, we would love to accompany you and help you find a community to help.”

Date & Location

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Will Rogers Theater
4322 N Western Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 604-3015



Please RSVP 1 week prior to event.


Questions or concerns please contact: Noelle Garcia McHugh by calling 405-709-2714 or at


Networking and Lunch

Janine Marrone

Luncheons 4 Life | Support After Abortion

Janine realized there were millions hurting from abortion across the world, and it wasn’t just the preborn baby- it was the mother, father, grandparents, sisters, friends, neighbors, clergy, etc. Janine was moved to action and began collaborating with leaders in southwest Florida to formulate a strategic plan to better serve those hurting after abortion.

So, what began as a grassroots project in 2018 quickly evolved into an innovative and influential healing network. To better understand why nine out of ten people impacted by abortion do not know where to go for healing, we collected field experience and consumer research. We also spent time benchmarking with other organizations providing abortion healing services. The results were eye-opening: with hundreds of abortion healing programs available, we must unite to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide.

Support After Abortion exists to see the world restored from the impact of abortion. Our mission is to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide. Our innovative, research-centered, options-based model gives everyone, regardless of their circumstances or barriers, an opportunity to live the life they were created for by breaking free from guilt, shame, and condemnation.



Questions or concerns please contact:
Noelle Garcia McHugh by calling 405-709-2714 or at

Upcoming Events

September 9th, 11:30-1pm
40 Days for Life Speaker TBA
Will Rogers Theater – (405) 604-3015
4322 N. Western Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118

Latest Talks

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Nathan Misirian & Fr Mark – Helping Men Heal 08/10/2022

Nathan & Fr. Mark will be speaking on the topic: “Learning how to provide local healing for men wounded by abortion.” A team-led presentation on how Support After Abortion, the…
Talk Videos

Pro-Life Leaders Panel | L4L Fort Myers 07/13/2022

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