Date & Location

Thursday, October 14, 2021

94th Aero Squadron Restaurant (Banquet Room)
1395 NW 57th Avenue,
Miami, FL 33126

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Networking and Lunch

Linda Fernandez

Sidewalk Advocates For Life

Linda Fernandez is the Southeast Program coordinator for Sidewalk Advocates For Life.

Linda received her Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy & Sports Management at Florida International University which led her to continue her passion and receive her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Saint Augustine. Linda decided God had a different plan and wanted to use her gifts of healing in a deeper way. Her heart burned to fight for life and end abortion. She started volunteering at her local pregnancy center and helping women in crisis in the little ways from praying to serving.

God’s providence sent Linda on her last Physical Therapy rotation to Utah where she marched for Life and received training with SWAFL. She knew she had to bring it back home to Miami, where there are over 25 abortion clinics. Her mission is to set the world ablaze with joy and love in her heart.

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