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Events held at Holiday Inn Ft. Myers Airport, 9931 Interstate Commerce Drive, Fort Myers, Florida 33913
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Pam Stenzel, Abstinence Speaker

For years, Pam was on the “front lines” as Director of Alpha Women’s Center, a counseling center for women undergoing crisis pregnancies. Her experiences taught her that before teen pregnancy and STD rates could decline, attitudes of teens toward sex first had to change. Desiring to bring about that change, Pam started speaking nationally full-time and is in great demand both in the U.S.A. and in other countries such as Mexico, Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

Date & Location

Wednesday, February 12, 2019

Holiday Inn Fort Myers Airport
9931 Interstate Commerce Dr
Fort Myers, FL 33913


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Networking and Lunch

Pam Stenzel

Abstinence Speaker, Director of Alpha Women’s Center

Pam has traveled worldwide, speaking in person to over 500,000 young people each year about issues of sexuality and the importance of abstinence-her videos are viewed by millions worldwide. Pam also holds seminars with parents and educators regarding issues of teen sex and how vital character building is in a child’s upbringing.

Day after day teens that hear Pam’s message say “If someone would have explained the consequences I would have made a different choice, but… “nobody told me”.

Drawing from her personal story, as well as her visits with teens around the world, Pam talks about the consequences-both physical and emotional-of sex outside of marriage. It’s been her experience that, if given the facts, today’s young people are fully capable of making good, healthy decisions.


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