Abortion Healing Provider Meetings

Monthly Online Meetings by our sister organization, Support After Abortion. Whether you’re a seasoned provider or new to the field, these monthly virtual meetings are designed to share the latest insights related to abortion healing and include a dedicated speaker, open forum and discussion.

Healing and Hope After Abortion with Jane Abbate

Jane Abbate has succeeded as an executive and as an entrepreneur. Yet, she consideres supporting people to heal from abortion as her most important work. The author of Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Healing and Hope After Abortion, Jane leads small groups to explore the emotional aftermath of abortion and to grow beyond that painful experience. She is part of the aftercare teams for Rachel’s Vineyard in Richmond and St Louis. Believing God’s promise that He has great plans for us, Jane offers mentoring to build the mindset, skills, and habits that lead to a good life, no matter what. You can follow Jane through her YouTube channel, My Mentor Jane, and download helpful resources through her website, mymentorjane.com.

Join us! April Abortion Healing Provider Meeting. Wednesday, May 18th at Noon.