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Davetta Kelsey – Evangelist, Fresh Wind Ministries 01/12/2022

By January 12, 2022March 10th, 2022Talk Videos

Davetta Kelsey was born in Jacksonville, FL on October 25, 1984, and was born again on December 1, 2012. She has been a faithful member of Fresh Wind Ministries since October 2013. Davetta lives a committed Christian life and has shown herself to be honorable, steadfast, respectful and genuine toward God, the ministry, and her leader. Because of the radical change God has made in her life, and the hard place He delivered her from, she passionately and compassionately ministers that same grace to other broken women. She has been afforded the opportunity to minister at treatment centers, group homes, domestic violence shelters, teen shelters, and other ministries. Her testimony alone gives hope to those who have no hope. Davetta seeks no reputation of her own, but her highest pursuit is to bring glory and honor to the only One who is worth it, namely, Jesus Christ.

More about Davetta & Fresh Wind Ministries

Davetta is a lover of the Word and studies diligently to show herself approved unto God; a workman that needs not be ashamed; rightly dividing the Word of truth, as well as an intercessor. She received her license to minister through Fresh Wind Ministries and Novous Vitae in 2019. She has completed two years of biblical studies and graduated with her Associates Degree from Logos University. Because of her love for reaching the lost at any cost, and the fact that she was already doing the work of an evangelist, Davetta was ordained as an Evangelist in May 2021. Despite her accomplishments, Davetta just wants to be known as a humble, faithful, and committed servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Above all else, she is a dedicated mother to her prince, prophet and only son, Christopher, and lives a life that causes him to want to know the God of his mother. When asked for her credentials, Davetta simply says she has her PHD (Power to Handle the Devil). Persistent, compassionate, committed, inspiring, dedicated and enduring are only a few words to describe this young woman of God.

FreshWind is a Christian ministry that teaches, models, and imparts responsiveness to the Holy Spirit for life and ministry. The foundation of the ministry rests solidly on Bible-based material. For twenty-eight years, we have demonstrated a Holy Spirit-led, Jesus Christ-obeying, and Father God-exalting approach to relating, ministering, training, and living which prospers both individuals and the church.

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