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Mary Jo Thayer – Best-Selling Author 10/13/2021

By October 13, 2021Talk Videos

Award-winning, best-selling author Mary Jo Thayer retired from teaching moral theology in 2012 and began writing novels. Her pro-life novel Close to the Soul, a story of rape and redemption, was a New Release best-seller in Religious Historical Fiction, and it won the 2021 American Fiction Awards in the category of Christian Inspirational.

For over 40 years, Mary Jo has contributed to books and periodicals about education, hospitality, and motherhood. She has been the keynote speaker at events for both adults and teens, women’s retreats, Legatus chapters, Theology of the Body conferences, Fortnight for Freedom, and twice on the steps of the Michigan state capitol.

She is married to her high school sweetheart, John. Together, they are active board members of Grand Rapids Right to Life. They raised their cherished family with faith, courage, and enthusiasm in season-rich Michigan. Connect with her through her website

More about “Close to the Soul”

She turned the corner into the kitchen, all but forgetting that this morning was her special time. Then she saw that the sewing machine had already been set up. The fabric choices and scissors were methodically laid out with the pattern they had previously selected. Her heart took an even deeper nosedive and dropped to the pit of her gut.

Her mom sat sipping her coffee, waiting with an enormous smile of Dana Fandel enthusiasm. Her rosary was lying on top of the Bible. It was cracked open to Romans, Carolyn’s favorite book of the New Testament. Carolyn heaved a heavy sigh. Lord, I can’t do this.

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