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Gregory Mayo – SAA Male Task Force 06/02/2021

By June 3, 2021Talk Videos

Gregory Mayo is an award winning author of “Almost Daddy: The Forgotten Story”, “Finding Forgiveness: The Search for Meaning in the Midst of Grief” as well as the soon-to-be released “Almost Daddy: The Recovery Guide.”

His abortion story began at 18 when his girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes. He again experienced lost fatherhood at 22. And, though he spent over 20 years in recovery groups like ACoA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) and Codependents Anonymous, his abortion recovery journey didn’t start until he was almost 40.

Since that time Greg has served as a Celebrate Recovery leader and teacher, as well as facilitator for various men’s workshops and groups. Today Greg continues to work on his recovery and serves on the Male Task Force for Support After Abortion.

SAA Men’s Task Force

The Support After Abortion 2021 initiative of a specialized Men’s Task Force will enable the abortion healing movement to be strategic and intentional in learning how to serve a seemingly forgotten population better.

What Will the Men’s Healing After Abortion Task Force Look Like? The Men’s Task Force will consist of a core team of men from various backgrounds and occupations, with a passion for the abortion-healing movement. The group, headed by Support After Abortion’s Nathan Misirian, will meet monthly to collaborate and network nationally.

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