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Myra Neyer – ProLife Speaker 3/7/19

By April 12, 2019October 17th, 2019Talk Videos

Former Planned Parenthood Employee

Myra is a former Planned Parenthood employee in Maryland. She shares she has been redeemed and forgiven by Our Lord Jesus Christ and now shares her true story to help save lives and end abortion!

Myra Neyer worked for Planned Parenthood in Baltimore. She began work there with the intent to help women. As a single mother of 7 kids, she believed she could understand with sympathy the overwhelming pressures that could bring a woman to consider abortion. After Myra witnessed an unforgettable abortion procedure that led to her quitting her job in the industry, she sought healing and help through ATTWN. After participating in ATTWN’s healing program and opportunities, she came to realize that she needed to speak out about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Myra also became determined to speak the Truth to her former coworkers. As a result, three other abortion workers from her affiliate quit their jobs as well.

Myra is eager to share her story and to speak out about how the Lord has been ever present in her life through the trials she faced soon after quitting. Myra is passionate about sharing the truth about what happens behind abortion clinic doors and desires to bring hope to communities through her powerful and uplifting testimony.

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