All Events Canceled Until May

It pains us to announce that as of Friday March 20, 2020, all speaking events are suspended until the beginning of May. If you would like to continue to hear our message of love and hope, please visit our Past Speakers page on our website and share the videos with friends and family. Let's not give up during this time of uncertainty and fear. God will deliver us from COVID19 and we must remain grateful for the life we've been given. We love all of our supporters and and wish to see you again soon.


No politics. No ask.

We are Pro-Life, together.

Luncheons4Life is a grass roots luncheon designed to bring together like-minded life affirming people. No politics. No ask. Just pro-life people.

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…a complimentary meal, networking and a pro-life speaker to inspire our mission…

Luncheons4Life is a grass roots luncheon designed to bring together like-minded life affirming people to network with agencies, churches and life affirming organizations, and concerned individuals to end the demand for abortion in Southwest Fl. It began 5 years ago in Sarasota County area and has born many fruits.

There is no cost for the luncheon and no asks for donations and it is not a platform for political agendas. While there is always a guest speaker, the best part of the program is when we pass the microphone to anyone of the Spirit inspired audience. We’ve begun recording the talks, and plan to spread our message far and wide online.

Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.

Mother TeresaActivist, Saint
Why you should attend:

Come and be inspired by our numbers...

-Be inspired by pro-life leaders.
-Learn how to be a better advocate.
-Understand the scope of the problem.
-Get involved with the community.
-Encourage other pro-lifers!
-Learn about upcoming events.
-Stay connected to our tribe.

We are currently in these cities:
  • Naples
  • Fort Myers
  • Venice
  • Southwest Florida
  • Jacksonville
  • St Louis, MO
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Pinellas County, FL